Meet the Carrots: Giti Jabaily, Education and Outreach Director

Where are you from?  
Colorado Springs, Co. If I were one of the boys in the company I’d be like “Go CC Tigers!” or something.

What’s new? Ha Ha.
Baby’s a comin!

Role at SCT you would play again and again?
Can I have two? Christina from RLW and Elliot from MML but that would get awkward around age 40.

Best SCT memory?
Talking about all of our artistic accomplishments and downfalls and what the floor we play on means to us after tragedy strike. 

In what way do you hope your kid is like a carrot?
I hope that she is full of wonderment in the way that the carrots are and always wanting to explore new things in every stage of her life.

What will you miss most of all?
Having a group to explore with that has such deep roots.

What line from any SCT show best describes your life?
“Yes, let’s talk about the food”. – The Baltimore Waltz by Paula Vogel

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Well I’ve always said an actress and a mom, and now I am a step closer than ever.

Two steps, even. Offer a deal to SCT patrons and friends right now.
Become a member now and get $50 off your tuition to the High School Conservatory for you or someone you know.

Want more info on Giti? Watch her ensemble video below.

[vimeo 19850901]