Founder and Former Ensemble Member

Jessica Garrett is a founding member of Single Carrot Theatre. She has performed in numerous shows both at Single Carrot Theatre and beyond, from roles at SCT like  Linda the Chicken in MilkMilkLemonade and Sharla in  Killer Joe to roles in the greater Baltimore area like playing Medea at Community College of Baltimore County in Catonsville. In addition to being an actor and stand-up comedian,  Jessica is a state certified Community Health Outreach Worker. She plans on spending the rest of her life studying comedy and the human condition, which are basically the same thing. She lives in Charles Village.

Jessica’s SCT Production History

Season 1

Anna – The Baltimore Waltz by Paula Vogel
Mrs. Tiffany – La Muñeca by Aldo Pantoja
Director – Sects and Violins by Single Carrot Theatre
Queen Elizabeth – Richard III by William Shakespeare

Season 2

Sylvia – Food For Fish by Adam Szymkowicz
Sharla – Killer Joe by Tracy Letts
Mrs. Sorby – The Wild Duck by Henrik Ibsen
Ensemble – Slampooned! by Single Carrot Theatre

Season 3

Ensemble – Illuminoctum by Brendan Ragan
Pool Attendant / Geisha – Playing Dead by The Presynakov Brothers
Constance at the Home – Tragedy, a tragedy by Will Eno

Season 4

Suzie – Natural Selection by Eric Coble
Director – The Long Christmas Ride Home by Paula Vogel
Samantha / Noodle – Linus and Alora by Andrew Irons

Season 5

Linda – MilkMilkLemonade by Joshua Conkel
Ensemble – Foot of Water by Single Carrot Theatre

Season 6

Kiki – The Tropic of X by Caridad Svich

Season 7

Director – Worst Case Scenario
Woman– The Flu Season by Will Eno

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