Single Carrot Theatre’s Board of Directors

President: Karen Stokes
Vice President: Susan Anthony
Treasurer: Jessica Lanzillotti
Secretary: F. William Chickering

Amy Bernstein
Genevieve de Mahy
Rich Espey
Richard Goldberg
Ann L. Koch
Elliott Rauh
Lisa Simeone

A Message from Karen Stokes, Board President:

Single Carrot is an exciting company with a big mission and big agenda. Who wouldn’t want to be part of something that strives to be a driving force for theatrical innovation in Baltimore, is willing to create vibrant theatrical experiences by championing new and socially significant works, and fiercely supports the growth of young artists? And Single Carrot does all of this with a strong commitment to building a diverse community of people who care about the arts and live theater, as well as using the arts to enhance the neighborhoods around them. I love attending shows since I know going in that I will be challenged, provoked, and changed by the experience. The intimate space of the theatre creates connections not possible in other venues and the energy and passion of this company is contagious. I’m very proud to serve on its board and provide leadership and support to this young company that is making in its own special mark on theater in Baltimore.