Nathan loves the smell of fresh paint and freshly cut wood.  He’s enjoyed having roles in Illuminoctum, Playing Dead, Tragedy: a tragedy, and The Other Shore and a few other SCT productions.  Having designed and directed as well, he fancies himself a renaissance man of theatre, and is willing to let you know what he thinks about anything at anytime. He loves nature, the outdoors, and a pint of the finest ale after a hard day’s work.

Nathan’s SCT Production History

Season 2

Assistant Director – Slampooned! by Single Carrot Theatre

Season 3

The Day Boy – Illuminoctum by Single Carrot Theatre
Valya – Playing Dead by The Presynakov Brothers
Michael, Legal Advisor – Tragedy: a tragedy by Will Eno
Ensemble – The Poe Project by Genevieve de Mahy

Season 4

Director – Natural Selection by Eric Coble
Ensemble – The Other Shore by Gao Xing Jian
Owen – Linus & Alora by Andrew Irons

Season 5

Director – Church by Young Jean Lee

The Herbalist – Hotel Cassiopeia by Charles Mee

Ensemble – Foot of Water by Single Carrot Theatre

Season 6

Mori – The Tropic of X by Caridad Svich
Director – A Sorcerer’s Journey by Single Carrot Theatre

Season 7

Ensemble  –The Apocalypse Comes at 6pm by Georgi Gospodinov

Season 8

Coyote – References to Salvador Dalí Make Me Hot by José Rivera