Season 8 at Single Carrot Theatre


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Social Creatures AP :: Images :: Enlarged View :: 96121802447 - PERU AMBASSADOR A
By Jackie Sibblies Drury


Preview Performances Wednesday 10/8/13 and Thursday 10/9/13
Running 10/10-11/2

Set in an abandoned theatre after what may or may not be a zombie apocalypse, Social Creatures examines what happens after the after. When what’s left of humanity is rapidly transforming into bloodthirsty beasts, to whom can a good neighbor turn? Strangers become friends, and friends swiftly become predators as the world crumbles, and in the end, somebody’s definitely getting eaten.

Social Creatures Post-Show Discussions

Zombies in Popular Culture: Thursday 10/16
Join us at SCT as a panel of experts and enthusiasts ventures to identify the reemergence of zombie culture as a reflection of America’s current state of mind.

Race, Class, and Consumerism: Sunday 10/19
The pandemic spread of greed among social creatures is explored by sociological and cultural experts as they debate the nature of race, class, and consumerism in a post-apocalyptic society.

Meet the Actors: Thursday 10/23
Get to know the cast and crew of Social Creatures following the performance.

If Zombies Descend on the City of Baltimore: Sunday 10/26
How would Charm City fare in a zombie apocalypse? Join SCT and a panel of experts as we examine and assess Baltimore’s disaster readiness and response plan, the sustainability of individual rights in a public health emergency, and the effectiveness of our fair city’s evacuation plan. You’ll leave the theatre with a well-informed answer to the question we’re all privately asking: “Would I make it out alive?”


References To Salvador Dali Make Me Hot 0810BRAIN-superJumbo.jpg
By José Rivera 

Preview Performances Wednesday 1/7/15 and Thursday 1/8/15
Running 1/9-2/8
When Gabriela awakens to find her husband Benito has returned from a military tour, their lust and frustration reach a boiling point, sending the couple down a corkscrewing slide of marital strife, sexual tension, and hostility. A Cat, a Coyote, and The Moon help weave Rivera’s story in language poetic and grounded, sensual and sardonic, all against the sweltering backdrop of a barren summer wasteland.


Utopia ParkwayIMG_0553
By Charles Mee
Preview Performances Wednesday 3/25/15 and Thursday 3/26/15
Running 3/27-4/26

After a woman is rescued from a robbery, she promises her daughter’s hand to her savior in return. The young woman’s fairytale becomes anything but in this musically entrancing take on an old Chinese tale of innocence lost. With a boisterous chorus and a backdrop of a diverse and bustling Queens, New York; Charles Mee brings to life a beautifully lyricized story of bargaining and betrayal.


Blind From Hereunabomber1
By Single Carrot Theatre Ensemble Member Alix Fenhagen

Preview Performances Wednesday 6/3/15 and Thursday 6/4/15
Running 6/5- 6/28
A small-town band sets off across the country for the gig of a lifetime.  This indie-rock odyssey comes to a crashing halt, bringing their lead singer face to face with her lack of control and robbing her of her vision. Live music, sibling rivalry, young love, and the open road set the scene for this existential exploration of coming of age in broken vans and cheap motels.



White Suit Science WCS_0246
By Shawn Reddy
9/4/14- 9/14/14

The legend surrounding the white suit and its most famous wearers—Mark Twain and Colonel Sanders—is the cornerstone of this ridiculous examination of the iconic Southern uniform. A team of suit-wearers and a pompous professorial faux academic lead us through the bastardized history of both the suit and our country, with chicken. Lots of chicken.



Single Carrot Theatre/Dance Exchange Collaborationillum1

SCT takes on a partnership with the acclaimed Takoma Park dance company Dance Exchange to explore together. An experiment chock full of both theatre and dance, this project seeks to bring both mediums to audiences in their fully realized forms, while tearing down the barriers in between.