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After twelve years of art-making, education initiatives, and community programs, our company has changed dramatically. With the same spirit of innovation and collaboration that drove our founders to move across the country to Baltimore, we are proud to announce that


Single Carrot Theatre is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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Twelve years ago, the founders of Single Carrot Theatre chose Baltimore as the ideal city to set off a revolution through theatre, and moved here from Colorado to do so. Since that first big risk, Single Carrot has mounted 49 mainstage productions; organized and hosted countless events; participated in three international collaborations; taught in classrooms, libraries, and community centers all over the city; fostered meaningful partnerships with artists, community organizers, and service organizations across Baltimore; and touched the lives of tens of thousands of people through theatre.

In those early days, Single Carrot was proud to bring thought-provoking, avant-garde theatre to this city. We championed the voices of emerging artists and playwrights: presenting plays that would have otherwise gone unseen by Baltimore audiences and creating a home for artists who might otherwise have left the city to find their stage. We aimed to create theatre that was affordable; exciting to a new generation of patrons; and relevant to a city that has been home to groundbreaking visual artists, filmmakers, and musicians for decades.

Twelve years later, the city of Baltimore has changed, and Single Carrot has evolved as well. The landscape of theatre has shifted dramatically – a tremendous number of companies now flourish alongside us, supporting new playwrights, young artists, and enriching our shared artistic landscape. The things that once made Single Carrot a driving force for theatrical innovation have now become an essential part of the fabric of Baltimore theatre. Now, we have found ourselves asking: What is the next revolution?

We believe theatre is an essential part of being a citizen.  We want to make work that is more meaningful for and more deeply connected and relevant to Baltimore and its residents, work that challenges and invites people to look at each other, the city, and the role they play in it with a fresh perspective. Single Carrot is as committed as ever to sharing daring, innovative, and artistically excellent work with Baltimore, and to do so, we have adopted a new mission statement:

Single Carrot Theatre creates socially relevant theatre as a form of civic engagement in Baltimore by producing vibrant, experiential performances in traditional and non-traditional theatre venues; building cross-sector partnerships; and facilitating empowering education programs.

Believing that art should be urgent and have significance for the community, we will be honing in on and looking to underscore the social relevance of each piece we produce. And we will do so in the following ways:


  1. producing vibrant, experiential performances in traditional and non-traditional theatre venues
    • We will make work that implicates and intentionally frames the audience. This may be through pre-show engagement, where the audience sits, how they enter the space, or even actual participation during the production—whatever form it takes, patrons will be invited to give more than passive attention, and we hope they will leave with more because of that.
  • SCT is embracing a site-specific model of performance: choosing a venue for every show that augments the social relevance of the piece and enhances the experience of the audience. For Promenade: Baltimore, we took our audience all over Baltimore City, glimpsing locations both familiar and new, and we intend to fully embrace the spirit of ambition and adventure that helped us to create the most successful show in our history.
  • To that end, we will be leaving our current theatre space on Howard Street. We have spent five wonderful years in our current home; we are, however, turning our eyes toward a new chapter. We want to prioritize art, artists, community, and accessibility, and leaving our current facilities will allow us to shift more resources to directly serve our mission, the art, and the people carrying in out. We are looking for a new home base now, not a performance venue, but a hub to serve as office, rehearsal and gathering space. Check back here for more updates.
  1. Building cross-sector partnerships
  • We will partner with non-theatre and non-arts organizations on every Main Season production. These partnerships can vary from deep integral partnerships on the co-creation of a community-based piece of theatre to bringing in organizations for round-table discussions or post-show talk backs.Through these partnerships, we strive to deepen and expand the experience and meaning of our plays beyond the theatre; to reach a broader audience; to erase the sharp divides between artistic programming and community-engagement; and to create new opportunities for theatre to serve Baltimore City and its citizens directly.
    • Over the last three years, we have woven these often-distinct areas together. With productions like Promenade: Baltimore, A Short Reunion, and Peter Pan, we partnered with local businesses, neighborhood associations, and LGBT service organizations and advocates to foster deep and meaningful connections between artists and members of the communities with whom we worked. Not every partnership will result in a full-scale production, but they will all create new pathways for advocacy, understanding, and community conversations.
  1. Facilitating empowering education programs
  • Education has always and will continue to be central to Single Carrot’s mission, and our educational programs are thriving. With multiple in-school teaching artists at Baltimore City schools, after-school programs across the city, and workshops at partner organizations, we reach well over a thousand children each year. This doesn’t even include our growing adult education initiatives and corporate trainings. With the addition of an Education Director to our staff, will expand our education programs and community workshop initiatives and realize the signature Single Carrot Theatre pedagogy as a way to most effectively share tools for expression and creativity.

As we have for the last twelve years, Single Carrot will champion new, under-produced, and unique voices in the theatre. We believe theatre is for everyone – so we will bring our art out of the theatre and into the world we hope to change.

We are eager for this next phase of Single Carrot Theatre and to engage more deeply and meaningfully with our audience and our city.

We hope you’ll join us for the ride.