Season 12 for Single Carrot Theatre!

Single Carrot Theatre is thrilled to announce its first full season beyond the walls of the theatre!


Mr. Wolf
By Rajiv Joseph
September 13, 2019 – October 13, 2019
What happens when Red Riding Hood emerges from the belly of the beast? When Theresa, abducted as an infant, is miraculously returned to her parents over a decade later, they must reconcile the child they lost with the young woman they’ve found. In an intimate examination of love, resentment, chaos, and connection, a broken family and its new members must reckon with the past in order to move into the future.


Safe Space
By R. Eric Thomas
January – February 2020
Unlocking the past can be a dangerous thing. In this Clue!-inspired farce from award-winning playwright  R. Eric Thomas, the past comes back to haunt in more ways than one. Helen, a white nonprofit-executive, needs a door unlocked in the definitely-not-a-former-plantation she inherited. Courtney, a young black locksmith, is here to help her out. Charlotte, the ghost of a slave trapped in the house for over one-hundred and fifty years, is ready to pounce. Good intentions and sinister subtext clash in the Maryland world of nonprofit politics, haunted basements, ghostly reparations, and zero cell reception.


Bulgaria! Revolt!
By Miranda Hall
April – May 2020
In 1925, on the eve before Bulgarian poet and radical Geo Milev was taken by police for a “short interrogation” and never seen again, his family’s vigil is interrupted by a knock at the door. On their threshold, stands a devilish choice: escape and live, or die and inspire? This rollicking, Brechtian musical, incorporating adapted stories of real immigrants in Baltimore and Remington, examines the temptation of anonymity, the importance of speaking truth to power, and the necessity for revolutionary art.


Also in the works:

More Drunk Classics

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