Announcing Single Carrot Theatre Season 13!

Season 13 takes us on an exploration of morality– challenging its definitions and boundaries, revealing what may lie beneath the facade of virtue, discovering its gray nature, and experiencing its healing powers as we drive towards



Keep Off The Grass: A Guide to [something]
Devised by the Single Carrot Ensemble, Collaborating Artists, and the Community of Baltimore City
September 24-October 18, 2020

 Living in the world today is complicated. Who can we believe? Can’t someone, somewhere just give us a guidebook or something that tells us how to be? This outdoor, walking, audio play weaves original folktales with visual performance (at a distance) to delve into the ethical questions that we grapple with.

This contact-free theatrical experience is outdoors and comprised of socially distanced performance installations.


Healthy Holly’s Hidden Hideaway
Created by the Single Carrot Ensemble and Collaborating Artists
January 13-February 15, 2021

When Mayor Catherine Pugh removed the confederate statues in the middle of the night, she told the public they were being stored in an “pretty safe space.” When Healthy Holly, the signature character from Catherine Pugh’s children’s books is taken hostage, how can you save her? Calling you from an undisclosed location, you will be contacted by nefarious characters from Baltimore’s past. What other dirty Baltimore secrets are they hiding?

 Keep your ringer on high and wait for the call, because this theatrical experience will be coming to you by phone call and text.


Is Edward Snowden Single?
by Kate Cortesi
April 30-May 23, 2021

Mimi and April are best friends. And actresses. And totally hot. And talented and smart and so brave, duh. When self-absorbed Mimi is faced with a choice to live with integrity, what decision will she make? Edward Snowden tells her “it takes a lot of courage to be selfish,” or maybe she imagined that. This wild, party fueled romp confronts us with the question of when someone we love betrays us, can we forgive them or do we have to let them go? 

A real play, in person! *fingers crossed* (If, we are overly optimistic, we will find an exciting and safe way for you to experience this show)

Also in the works:

More Drunk Classics

A cabaret or two

and more!

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