Announcing Single Carrot Theatre Season 14!

Season 14 explores joy and resilience in myriad forms, with a celebration of all of life’s good things in Every Brilliant Thing; DIY theatre put on by two reckless and wild besties in Is Edward Snowden Single; and a revolutionary extravaganza in Marie Antoinette and the Magical Negros, Single Carrot Theatre dances back into the joyful experience of theatre and invites you to gather with us for



Marie Antoinette and the Magical Negroes
by Terry Guest

June 3-26

Liberté, égalité, fraternité, ou la mort! (Liberty, equality, fraternity, or death!), echoes the rallying cry of activists fighting through militant resistance, peaceful protest, and collaborative action to overthrow oppressive governments and corrupt, inequitable systems. Set against the opulent background of 16th century Versaille and the French revolution, Marie Antoinette and the Magical Negroes delves deep into the history of race and revolution in America. This high-fashion, club-swirling, time-jumping theatre extravaganza asks what is needed to keep the revolution alive for centuries to come. 


Unmarked: Stories Told

Coming July 2022!

Unmarked: Stories Told is a collaborative project between Single Carrot Theatre, St. John’s Church, and residents of Waverly and the surrounding communities. Unmarked will commemorate 41 unmarked gravesites of African Americans from the latter half of the 19th century in the cemetery of St. John’s Church in Waverly. Unmarked is working with historian and local resident, Jessica Douglas, to uncover as much historical information as possible about the individuals interred and life for Black Americans during the Reconstruction Era. St. John’s Church will build a commemorative garden to honor the space. Single Carrot Theatre will work with 3 local playwrights to create theatrical texts based on this research to be performed at the unveiling of the commemorative garden. Unmarked will commemorate the lives of those interred in the cemetery, acknowledge wrongdoings of the past and present with the goal of healing and strengthening community ties today.

Every Brilliant Thing
by Duncan Macmillan and Jonny Donahoe
September 3-26, 2021

What’s on your list of every brilliant thing in the world worth living for? Ice cream, water fights, staying up past your bedtime? Don’t we all have the capacity to find joy and resilience in life’s little moments? Audiences are invited to help tell the humorous and moving story of a seven-year-old’s experience holding onto hope while grappling with a suicidal mother

Is Edward Snowden Single?
by Kate Cortesi
February 18- March 5, 2022

Mimi and April are best friends. And actresses. And totally hot. And talented and smart and so brave, duh. When self-absorbed Mimi is faced with a choice to live with integrity, what decision will she make? Edward Snowden tells her “it takes a lot of courage to be selfish,” or maybe she imagined that. Frolic in the reckless joy, drunken nights, and rites of passage of millennial youth. How long can it last, and at what point do we have to let go?



Also in the works:

A new play about climate change

More Drunk Classics

A cabaret or two

and more!

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