Flowing with Thoughts after Foot of Water

As artists we thrive off the ability to receive feedback and reactions to our work.  It makes the tremendous effort we put into our craft absolutely worthwhile.

That’s why we are including a post-show discussion after every performance of Foot of Water. Your questions, reactions, and comments will help Foot of Water continue to grow through the rest of the run and into the future. The production team wants to know what emotions and thoughts this production stirs up in your mind. This open dialogue with our community is how our design elements will grow stronger.  And as our design elements become stronger and more focused, I hope the shared experience of performer and audience becomes more and more enjoyable.

We’ve already had so many wonderful post-show discussions, and I’ve learned so much about this show, our work, and our ensemble from some of the great dialogue this piece has sparked.  I would love if you would join us for Foot of Water, and continue to be our guest into our future seasons.

Memberships and 6-Packs are already available for Season 6…  Just click here for details!

~N. Fulton, PM & TD~