Season 7 at Single Carrot Theatre

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Season 7 at Single Carrot Theatre

A Beginner’s Guide to Deicide
By Qui Nguyen and Robert Ross Parker

A comically blasphemous adventure.

October 2nd – 27th

Badass Catholic schoolgirl Lucy travels to the ends of the earth to complete her simple but urgent mission: she has to kill God, and fast. With her reluctant sister in tow, she meets some epic and familiar faces, transgresses some major boundaries along the way, and realizes that this journey of a lifetime may be her last.

Regional Premiere.

Sketch Comedy
By Single Carrot Theatre

A high-octane laugh explosion from the company that brought you Slampooned! and Sects and Violins.

December 4th – 21st

After plotting and planning for years, Single Carrot Theatre is bringing the next great sketch show to Baltimore. We’re taking inspiration from the boiling-hot writers’ rooms of classic comedy shows and crashing that energy into the spectacle that makes Single Carrot Theatre a prime spot for theatrical innovation.

World Premiere.

The Flu Season
By Will Eno

A darkly comical look at love from one of America’s best and strangest writers.

January 22nd – February 16th

When a man and a woman meet in a hospital, love blooms; or does it falter? Only their nurse and doctor know for sure, but they’re too self-absorbed and ridiculous to tell us. Will our lovers see spring blossom together, or will the weight of an unwieldy world fracture them forever?
The Prologue doesn’t know, and The Epilogue isn’t telling.

The Memo
By Vaclav Havel

Translated from Czech by Paul Wilson

A comical workplace classic about the perils of standardized communication.

April 2nd – 27th

Company President Mr. Gross receives a memorandum but can’t read it because it’s written in Ptedype, the newly invented language to which all correspondence must adhere. If he can’t figure out what it says, he’ll lose his job and certainly his mind. This satirical take on bureaucracy and office malarkey is an incisive look at 20th century socialist Czechoslovakia, but it could just as easily be today’s America.

The Apocalypse Comes at 6pm
By Georgi Gospodinov

A beautiful series of interwoven stories about the nature of humanity in transition.

June 11th – 29th

Peek inside the minds of people standing on the precipice of what could be the apocalypse. It could be scary, it could be loud, but it could just as easily be a whisper. Will the earth shift, or will we just quietly close our eyes and pass from one world to the next?
National Premiere.

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