Spotlight On: Alix Fenhagen

As SCT closes out our 8th season (whoa!) we’re highlighting some major players in our final Main Season production of the year: Blind From Here. 

Blind From Here is a world premiere indie-rock odyssey written by SCT Ensemble Member Alix Fenhagen. We asked her to tell us a bit about the play from her perspective. Here’s what she had to say:

“This play first began as a ten-minute piece.  I wrote it in a week to be performed in an abandoned warehouse on N 7th and Bedford in Brooklyn. A group of friends and I had found it unlocked and decided to wire it with electricity from across the street and make some theatre.  I was 23 and was drawn to the idea of someone choosing to be blind in order to gain control. Stepping out of the nest for the first time on what are supposed to be your grown-up legs can be overwhelming. If you are lucky, the options and opportunities seem infinite. Some people are liberated by this freedom; others are paralyzed.”

Alix Fenhagan

Alix Fenhagan

About Alix:

Alix is an Ensemble Member of Single Carrot Theatre, where she has acted in Hotel Cassiopeia, Foot of Water and A Sorcerer’s Journey, which she also wrote. Before moving to Baltimore, she spent three years collaboratively writing and performing three original plays with New York’s Subjective Theatre Company CoLab.  Alix has performed in a variety of off-off Broadway productions and has a passion for developing new work.  She trained at École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris, is a graduate of Northwestern University and has a Masters Degree in Arts Administration from Goucher College.