Meet the Carrots: Elliott Rauh, managing director

Where are you from?
Born in San Francisco, CA and grew up in Greenwich, CT.

Did you wear a lot of boat shoes out there?
One pair, they’re still in the rotation.

When did you move to Baltimore?
January 8, 2008 was the first night I stayed in Baltimore as a city resident. It was also the first reading of Murder Ink- which is now an annual event.

What is your favorite role you’ve played at Single Carrot?
Org my goodneff… (mouth full of garlic bread), oh man, I think it’s a toss up between the Ensemble roles in Sects and Violins and Slampooned! and roles like Ansel in Killer Joe, Nanna in MilkMilkLemonade and Mr. Neiberding in Natural Selection. 

What’s the best thing about Baltimore?
Opening Day at Camden Yards and Lexington Market. Seafood, people watching, Baltimore in a nutshell.

Challenge: Offer Single Carrot patrons and friends a deal right now. Go.
Right now? Okay, if you take a picture of the Single Carrot truck more than 2 blocks away from Single Carrot, post on Facebook or Twitter and tag us I will personally mail you a Single Carrot Koozie and a note.

Want more info on Elliott? Check out his Ensemble Video below.

[vimeo 19983816 Elliott Rauh]

15 Days – $1,500 dollars

February 15th.

15 days.

15 hundred dollars.

We have begun rehearsals for Hotel Cassiopeia, and I will say this- The set is going to be awesome. We are working with a great set designer and this will truly be an experience for our audience. I am so excited to be directing this play.

You may not know this, but we started a campaign a little while ago through GiveCorps ( to raise money to improve our lighting system. Anyone who knows about lights and has been in Single Carrot will instantly see why. I can’t tell you how important it is to have a set like this well lit. Single Carrot has been able to do what it has done thus far with some super low quality instruments and by depending on the kindness of others. But we need an upgrade. Badly. And we need your help to do it. The clock is ticking for you to get involved.

Tomorrow is February 15th. Our GiveCorps campaign “And Then There Was Light” ends in 15 days and we have $1,500 left to raise to meet our project goal. You can help us by donating through GiveCorps on our project page. The best part is everyday, you get a discount to a local business when you donate! Don’t wait- Help us raise $100 per day to reach our goal.  Donate Now!

Bonus- Watch Aldo Pantoja pose a deeply philosophical question that has been twisting the brains of Single Carrot company members.

What on earth are you waiting for? You only have two weeks!

[vimeo 31207442]