A Peek Inside The Tropic of X- Set Design

Take an inside look at 

The Tropic of X 

By Caridad Svich 


Our esteemed Set Designer Lisi Stoessel (Hotel Cassiopeia) invites you to take a sneak peek at her designs for The Tropic of X, SCT’s first show in out temporary home at 1727 N. Charles Street. Lisi has several challenges on her hands: a new space, a modest budget, and a big imagination. How can they all gel to make an awesome set? Here’s a look at her process.

Lisi’s early sketches give us a feel for what she would like to see the set become. Sketches are an early part of the design process and they allow the designer to start to create a common language with the Production Team.

Stay tuned to the website for further updates on the show, and more peeks inside the world of design, dramaturgy and production.

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The Tropic Of X

Lisi also brought in a model to show the production team. This gives everyone an idea of how the designer is taking those sketches, an implementing them within the confines of the 3-dimensional space.

A model rendering of the set for The Tropic of X

6th Annual Reading of Murder Ink- Saturday 1/19 6pm



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