SPECIAL EVENT: Secrets of a Black Boy by Darren Anthony

Please join us for ONE NIGHT ONLY at Single Carrot Theatre for a special production of Secrets of a Black Boy by Darren Anthony produced by Toronto’s Playing With Crayons.
SBB _ POSTERSecrets of a Black Boy is a brutally honest dramedy that gives voice to five young black men from Toronto, who come together for one last domino game at a local community center that is on the verge of being shut down. With thousands of people being displaced from their homes and buildings being torn down in front of children’s eyes, the only community that many youth have ever known, is literally being ripped apart without sufficient explanation or rationale. Through a series of compelling monologues mixed with engaging musical interludes, audiences begin to see themselves as well as their family, friends, and peers, in the strong character performances.The dialogue showcased in Secrets of a Black Boy reflects a picture of society’s present reality and offers poignant insight into Toronto’s black male culture. No subject is taboo, as the play unpacks interracial dating, gun violence, police harassment, racial profiling, masculinity, commitment phobia and infidelity, broken families, abuse, and sexuality. Within these contexts, the underlying effects of the common stereotypes men of color face are critically examined and explored.”


[youtube _ZqDT7_MsJ4]