Camp Carrot: Vitamin XD 

April 11-15, 2022

Grades 1-7

Grab those red noses and ready the rubber chickens, because *epic fantasy voice* Laughter is Coming

In this in-person and humor-rrrrrrific camp, comedy is kingAnd queen

And completely outside the hierarchy of classist and binary metaphors wheeeeeeeeeee! *honking noises*

This week-long spring break camp covers a wide variety of comic theatrical forms, all the while guiding students to unleash their unique artistic voice through SCT’s signature devising methodology. Students collaborate together while learning from professional clowns, comics, and theatremakers, with a culminating laugh-filled showcase for friends and family! This camp is open to any and all budding clowns, class acts, and enterprising goofballs grades 1-7.

Camp Carrot: Another Carrot

June 21-July 1, 2022

Grades 3-7

Located at The Lyric Baltimore

Art is an incredible tool that can reflect both what is and imagine what can be! Inspired by the works of artists who imagine the possibilities of alternate experiences, this devising-centric camp focuses on the creation of “Another Baltimore.”  Will this Baltimore have dinosaurs? Be on the rings of Saturn? Or will students flip the narrative and reimagine the founding of the city itself? Anything is possible as young creatives work with theatre teacher-facilitators to realize a world that reflects shared values and dreams.

This 2-week summer camp is open to artists rising to 3rd-7th grade and culminates in a final “sharing performance” of the students’ devised theatrical creations.

Camp Carrot: Little Curiosities

July 5-8, 2022

Grades K-2

Located at The Lyric Baltimore

The Occasionally Vanishing Giants. 

The Castle that Walked. 

The Damp Lion. 

What adventures will your student imagine?

Inspired by Tom Gauld’s story, The Little Wooden Robot and the Log Princess, this four-day summer camp casts students as Fairy Tale Co-Creators as they explore tiny curiosities and not-at-all-tiny adventures. This half-day camp is open to all curious creators in rising K-2nd grades. This program integrates literary exploration with creative drama for a transformative experience that ignites students’ imaginations and collaboration!