Carrot Conversations: Mr. Wolf

As a means of interacting with the community, spreading awareness, and fulfilling Single Carrot Theatre’s promise of socially relevant theatrical productions, SCT has put together Carrot Conversations! Here you will find responses to research done for our shows, as well as informational posts on the non-theater organizations we partner with to fully round out the social impact of our shows. 

Below you can read our posts, written by cast, crew, and ensemble, concerning the research we have done and the partnerships we have made for the first performance of our 12th Season, Mr. Wolf by Rajiv Joseph.

Carrot Conversations: Talking with our Mr. Wolf Partners

In this episode of Carrot Conversations, Genevieve de Mahy…

Growing Up Scarred, Growing Up Scared.

By Paul Diem, Single Carrot Ensemble Member     Growing…