CO-LAB for Businesses & Community Organizations

Single Carrot Theatre’s CO-LAB program partners with local businesses and community organizations, leveraging dramatic practices to elevate effectiveness, creativity, and communication within staff and volunteer teams.  

Based on modern experiential learning principles, CO-LAB invites participants into a supported context to problem solve, collaborate, and push outside comfort zones within high-stakes simulations. Through this experiential “laboratory approach”, participants grow in teamwork, responding creatively in the moment, communicating effectively, and applying organizational principles in key situations. 

For each CO-LAB program, SCT collaborates with a partner organization to create a tailored program based on the particular needs of their organizational context. Nationally, Experiential Learning, Stress Exposure training, and Applied Improvisation are used to serve a wide range of organizations, including but not limited to: social service providers, corporate teams, educational institutions, community centers, and medical facilities. 

To make an inquiry and see if your organization is a good fit for CO-LAB, please reach out to Parker Matthews, SCT Education Director  by phone at (443-844-9253) or email at

“[T]he activity they designed for our participants was creative, engaging, compelling, and fun! It was clear to us that Single Carrot listened carefully to what we wanted to accomplish, thought deeply and worked hard to create a unique interactive experience that was relevant and meaningful for our participants.”

Eric Norton Central Maryland Transit Alliance