Covid Monologues

We have seen how COVID-19 has become politicized causing great spread of misinformation and how this pandemic has exacerbated the great racial and economic inequities in America. 

Covid Monologues aims to use research-based theatre to creatively disseminate and humanize emerging research on health, behavior and societal aspects of COVID-19. This opportunity is for playwrights to develop new works based on the themes and messages within public health academic research articles. In addition to translating COVID-19 research, we are aiming to build community resilience by promoting creativity through collaborations between artists, scientists, and policy makers. Covid Monologues was created in partnership with Public Health Researchers Saraniya Tharmarajah and Emily Hurley, Single Carrot Theatre, and independent artist Jess Rassp. 

Covid Monologues will work with eight playwrights, selected through a juried application process, and seven partner theatres to produce monologues based on peer reviewed public health research on COVID-19. Monologues will be filmed and presented for a virtual screening in February 2021.

Upcoming events

Covid Monologue Festival Performance

Virtual monologue presentation and discussion with public health professionals

February 2021

What is Research-based theater?

“Research-based theatre aims to translate scientific research findings to wider audiences, foster emotional and intellectual understanding of data, and fuse science and art methodology to ignite social change.” 

Covid Monologues is through a grant from The Citizen Diplomacy Action Fund, which is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and implemented in partnership with the Partners of the Americas. For more information visit For questions on ECA exchange programs, contact