Single Carrot Theatre is currently seeking backyard space for our Fall Production of Every Brilliant Thing 

Single Carrot is committed to working with venues to follow all Covid Health and Safety Guidelines. Hosting an SCT production is an exciting opportunity for property owners to participate in a short term, unique opportunity to bring attention from a wide audience to their neighborhood while supporting the Baltimore arts scene.


Single Carrot Theatre would be in your space for four consecutive days over one weekend between September 3- September 26. On show nights, performances are at 7:30-8:30pm each night with crew present from approximately 5:30-10pm. Crew will set up during the day on the first day of performances. 

Weekend 1: Wednesday 9/1-Saturday 9/4

Weekend 2: Thursday 9/9-Sunday 9/12

Weekend 3: Thursday 9/16-Sunday 9/19

Weekend 4: Thursday 9/23-Sunday 9/26


Space Requirements

  • At least 25×25 feet of relatively flat open outdoor space to accommodate audience seating as well as performance space.
  • Quiet surrounding streets and/or neighborhoods.
  • Street Parking.
  • Restroom available for staff, crew, and audiences members
  • Performance area free of animal waste. 
  • Ability to leave up canopy tents and some outdoor safe set & lighting in between performances.
  • Ability to safely store some technical equipment in a weather-proof space between performances.
  • Access to electrical outlets.

More About- Every Brilliant Thing

This is a solo show (1 actor, 5 crew) with approximately 25 audience members.

Ice cream, water fights, and staying up past your bedtime. What would be on your list of EVERY BRILLIANT THING in the world worth living for? Audiences are invited to help tell the humorous and moving story of a seven year old’s experience holding onto hope while grappling with a suicidal mother. Don’t we all have the capacity to find joy and resilience in life’s little moments?

Interested? Click Here and fill out the form.

Questions? Email our Producing Director, Bernard Johnson, at