Ensemble Residency for 2015/16 Season – APPLICATIONS CLOSED

Feel free to Review the information below if you would like to apply next season.

What is it?:

  • Single Carrot Theatre’s Ensemble Residency is an exchange between the Single Carrot Theatre Ensemble and artists interested in engaging with the company in a deeper way. The residency is a 12-month commitment that includes administrative and artistic responsibilities and opportunities. The goal of the Residency is for both parties, the Ensemble and the Ensemble Resident, to grow together through an exchange of artistic and administrative tools, talents, experience, and support.

Ensemble Residency Job Description:

  • An Ensemble Resident is expected to support the SCT Ensemble through artistic and administrative endeavors, and in exchange, is granted access to the inner workings of SCT, and the opportunity to share in and contribute to the company’s artistic and administrative growth. The Ensemble Resident will work with the Ensemble and Staff to develop season-long projects suited to the Resident’s skillsets and interests, as well as the needs of the Ensemble. In addition to these projects, the Ensemble Resident is invited to participate in Company meetings, participate in and lead trainings, participate in season planning, and participate in artistic professional development of the Ensemble. The Ensemble Resident is also expected to perform duties also assigned to the Ensemble, including working Front of House for SCT productions, helping to build and strike sets, helping with development campaigns and events, and others as assigned.

Job Duties:

  • Attend (and sometimes run) Ensemble Trainings
  • Non-voting participant in season planning
  • Attend monthly company meetings
  • Participate in artistic opportunities if presented.
  • Participate in “All Hands on Deck” activities (such as Front of House shifts, build days, and Development events)
  • Other duties as individually assigned.


  • Successful candidates should have a strong theater background (as an actor, designer, director, or performer of some kind), a desire to both share skills and learn, and a willingness to listen, explore and grow with regards to both the artistic and administrative aspects of non-profit ensemble theatre.
  • Ensemble Residents should be able to commit to 10-20+ hours of work per week. Some evenings and weekend work will be required.
  • Ensemble Residents will be given responsibility and ownership over individual projects, while also supporting ensemble members and staff with their work, and participating in Ensemble-wide duties.
  • Ensemble Resident should to have a positive attitude, and be willing and eager to try new things and learn new skills. In addition, they must have a willingness and ability to share their skills with the Ensemble. They must be able to handle a demanding schedule, and perform well under pressure.
  • Ensemble Resident should be skilled at working independently as well as collaboratively.

Skills Needed:

  • Strong theatrical background, with a specific well-developed set of theatrical skills and experience.
  • Strong written and oral communications skills
  • Other administrative skills and experience are a plus


  • SCT Fellows must commit to an entire season at Single Carrot Theatre
  • September 1st, 2015 – July 31st , 2016
  • At least 3 years of experience as a practicing theater artist
  • Some administrative experience working in a theatre
  • Desire to learn, get your hands dirty, and grow as an artist and administrator

Ensemble Residency Benefits:

  • One year intensive experience with a growing ensemble theatre
  • Artistic opportunities in design, building, stage management, dramaturgy and/or performing at Single Carrot Theatre
  • Administrative opportunities including public relations, marketing, development, education, audience development, and production management.
  • $1,000 Annual Stipend


  • Ensemble Residents have an evaluation 90 days after their arrival, at six months, and again at the end of the Residency. These meetings provide the Residents and Ensemble Members with a formal framework within which progress can be discussed, goals identified and mutual expectations articulated.

Download Application:
SCT FY16 Ensemble Residency Application