I hope this finds you…

                                    …joyous, wandering, hungry, alone, moving, awake!

This compilation of artistic experiences invites you in to the minds and hearts of the Single Carrot ensemble as we bring you a multitude of short pieces reflecting on the last year and the future in front of us. From short films, to artful meal-kits, mock podcasts, interactive exercise class and audio walking tours, this collection is guaranteed to have many things for you to enjoy alone, with loved ones, or people you have been missing.

I Hope This Finds You… Will be released in three chapters from May until July 2021.

What is in each chapter? Take a peek at what you can expect each month below!

See Chapter 1 

Released May 13th

Beneath the Headlines

Walk with Me

Enisamkeit (Loneliness)

Puddy Muddles

See Chapter 2

Released June 3rd

Cardio Crush and Soul Shred

Take it Cheesy!

28th Street


Beneath the Headlines

Walk with me

Each chapter includes a mix of both On-Demand and Live Experiences

On-Demand experiences include various media (short film, audio podcasts, etc) to be enjoyed whenever you want.

Live experiences require participation at specific times.

You may purchase tickets in packages or you may purchase tickets for individual experiences. 

Check out each Chapter for more information and to purchase tickets foreach experience!

See Chapter 3

Released July 1st

Passing the Torch



Beneath the Headlines

Walk with Me