I hope this finds you….

Chapter One

Released May 13

On-Demand Experiences

Beneath the Headlines: 50 Cent Beer Night and the Legend of the Dundalk Upper Deckers

Multi-Episode Podcast

Feeling betrayed and ashamed of his beloved Orioles after years of poor performances, Dundalk resident Big Joe Bandicoot decided he had only one choice: establish the 31st Major League team to show the world what real Baltimore baseball is all about. His now infamous effort culminated in the 2021 incident known the world over: 50 Cent Beer Night. Investigative journalist Meghan Stanton leads listeners through Bandicoot’s journey and what led to the event that changed Baseball and Baltimore forever.

Walk With Me: I hope this finds you… Letting Go (Druid Hill Park)

Audio Play and Walking Tour

“It started in fun, but became playful and eventually enriching,” French artist Andre Breton said of the exquisite corpse technique embraced by surrealists in the 1920s. We will give you the route for your journey. With your headphones on, you will hear members of the Single Carrot Ensemble, local artists, and Baltimore friends on our own audio walking tour version of this technique, collectively assembling stories, musings, reflections and thoughts to guide you through your own springtime promenade through some of the city’s beloved parks.

Enisamkeit (Loneliness)

Short Film

Where does loneliness live?
What started as a visual and auditory adaptation of Rainer Maria Rilke’s poem Einsamkeit, became a quiet meditation on my body, one year in quarantine.
This short film is best viewed on your computer, with headphones, alone, in a dark room or even under your covers. 

Puddy Muddles

Short Film

A pair of legs calls home for the holidays.
Puddy Muddles uses puppetry and foley to explore distance, grief, and water. 

Chapter One Artists

Beneath the Headlines
Created by Matthew Shea, Paul Diem, and Meghan Stanton
Featuring Dominic Gladden, Eric Poch, Laura Malkus

Walk With Me
Created by Genevieve de Mahy, Paul Diem, and Alix Fenhagen
Featuring Dominic Gladden and Jessica Garrett

Einsamkeit (Loneliness)
Created by B Kleymeyer

Puddy Muddles
Created by Cydney Cohn