Ensemble Member


Lauren Erica Jackson is a 24 year old actor based out of Baltimore, MD. She studied Acting and English at Towson University, where she was fortunate to perform under the direction of Rosiland Cauthen, Peter Wray, and Stephen Nunns, among others. An avid music lover as well, she has spent this year singing at open mics and other local events with her band, Priority People, including at Single Carrot’s recent Cabaret Night. Her first foray into the Baltimore theatre scene was in SCT’s production of “Phoebe in Winter,” where she played the eponymous character. The performance garnered her the City Paper Best Actor award for 2016.

SCT Production History

Season 9

Phoebe – Phoebe in Winter by Jen Silverman

Season X

Ensemble – A Short Reunion

Season 11

Assistant Sound Designer – Putin On Ice by Lola B. Pierson

Season 12

Co-director- Mr. Wolf by Rajiv Joseph