Mr. Wolf

By Rajiv Joseph

September 13 – October 13

What happens when Red Riding Hood emerges from the belly of the beast? When Theresa, abducted as an infant, is miraculously returned to her parents over a decade later, they must reconcile the child they lost with the young woman they’ve found. In an intimate examination of love, resentment, chaos, and connection, a broken family and its new members must reckon with the past in order to move into the future.


Individual tickets are not currently available – the best way to secure a spot at this show is to purchase an Experience Pass!

Community Efforts

In an effort to highlight the reality of the issues dealt with in Mr. Wolf, and to create a project that lives on beyond the run of the show, SCT has created Carrot Conversations, a comprehensive blog that documents the research and production process of Mr. Wolf.

Click the Carrot Conversations button to learn more! Check back often to stay up to date on what we have been doing!

Official Partners

In keeping with Single Carrot Theatre’s mission of creating socially relevant theater as a means of community engagement, we have decided to partner with several non-theatre organizations for Mr. Wolf. These organizations work in the field of protecting and raising awareness about missing and exploited children both locally and nationally.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children operates as the nations clearing house and comprehensive reporting center for cases involving missing, abused, or exploited children. Their work includes the creation and curation of appropriate educational programs for people of all ages, as well as working with officers of the law to recover and profile missing children across the US.

TurnAround, Inc is a local organization that is working to build a community free of violence. They work closely with adults and children who have experienced intimate-partner or sexual abuse: addressing their needs, educating, and advocating. They Provide therapy, shelter, legal advocacy, case management, and much more to those who have survived abuse. They are celebrating their tenth year of advocacy and assistance this year!