Safe Space

By R. Eric Thomas
Directed by Ben Kleymeyer

January 31 – February 23, 2020
Performed at the Clifton Mansion

Unlocking the past can be a dangerous thing.

The past comes back to haunt in more ways than one, in this Clue!-inspired farce from award-winning playwright and internet juggernaut R. Eric Thomas (Elle, New York Times). When white non-profit executive Helen discovers a locked door in the definitely-not-a-former-plantation she’s inherited, black locksmith Courtney comes to her rescue, and that’s where the trouble begins. Add to the mix Charlotte, the ghost of a formerly enslaved person, and Ryan, Helen’s MAGA-loving brother, and contention in the house is about to boil over. When the door is opened spilling forth dangerous secrets, who you gonna call?

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