Krigel 1-2


Little is known about Steven Krigel before he started working in Baltimore after moving in 2008 from Kansas City. He enjoys working with EMP Collective and Effervescent Collective, and feels that he has truly found an artistic home at Single Carrot Theatre and a home-home in Baltimore, though he does miss his family and barbecue in Kansas City. Hi, mom.

Steven’s SCT Production History

Season 3

Stage Manager – Crumble (Lay Me Down Justin Timberlake)
by Sheila Callahan
Board Operator – Tragedy, a tragedy by Will Eno

Season 4

Andy #3 – Three Andys by Rich Espey
Stage Manager & Board Operator – The Other Shore by Gao Xing Jian
Stage Manager & Board Operator – Linus & Alora by Andrew Irons

Season 5

Stage Manager & Board Operator – Church by Young Jean Lee
Stage Manager & Sound Designer – MilkMilkLemonade by Joshua Conkel
Sound Designer – Hotel Cassiopeia by Charles Mee
Sound Designer – Foot of Water by Single Carrot Theatre

Season 6

Sound Designer – Tropic of X by Caridad Svitch
Stage Manager & Board Operator – The VIP by Aldo Pantoja

Season 7

Sound Designer – A Beginner’s Guide to Deicide by Qui Nguyen & Robert Ross Parker
Sound Designer and co-writer- Worst Case Scenario by Single Carrot Theatre
Sound Engineer- The Memo by Vaclav Havel
Sound Designer- The Apocalypse Comes at 6pm by Georgi Gospodinov

Season 8

Sound Designer- Social Creatures by Jackie Sibblies Drury
Sound Designer- References to Salvador Dalí Make Me Hot by José Rivera
Sound Designer- Utopia Parkway by Charles Mee

Season 9

Sound Designer- Phoebe in Winter by Jen Silverman
Assistant Director and Sound Designer – Something Like Jazz Music by Genevieve de Mahy

Season X

Sound Designer- Samsara by Lauren Yee

Season 11

Sound Designer- Putin on Ice by Lola B. Pierson