At Single Carrot Theatre, we don’t simply offer a season of plays. We carefully select productions that will complement one another in order to offer a year of diverse, challenging productions.  A Membership offers not just tickets to productions, but an insider’s view of SCT. Shows, classes, discussions, parties, and more- we aim to give our patrons well-rounded theatrical nourishment. Join us!

Memberships are still available for the remainder of Season 8! Now Just $125!

Pro-rated 2015 Membership

With a Membership Pass, you’ll enjoy not only a (discounted) subscription to a year of exciting Baltimore premieres, but also gain access to a myriad of other Single Carrot benefits.

A Single Carrot Membership Pass Includes:

  • Reduced-priced tickets for friends—“Be the friend that saves your friends money.”
  • 20% discount on classes, workshops, and SCT merchandise
  • Ticket to the remaining Main Season shows, PLUS a ticket to any remaining featured second series or second series production
  • All of the other perks like ultimate flexibility, ticket to the Spring party, and more.


We also offer 6-Packs and 4-Packs!

Season 6-Pack

Season 6-Pack

Just tickets. No extras. No fuss. No problem.

Single Carrot 6-Pack is six tickets to any Season 8 main season performance, the 4-Pack is four tickets in any combination! Bring a friend, grab a group for one performance, attend multiple times on your own– any way you slice it, it’s a deal! Your Single Carrot Pack will be e-mailed to you and will include the passcode to redeem 6 (or 4) tickets that can used at any 2014/15 Single Carrot production.

Reservations for specific performances are encouraged but not required. Sound good?

There are now 2 Productions left in the 2014/2015 Season.


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