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Single Carrot 6-Pack is six tickets to any Season 8 main season performance, the 4-Pack is four tickets in any combination! Bring a friend, grab a group for one performance, attend multiple times on your own– any way you slice it, it’s a deal! Your Single Carrot Pack will be e-mailed to you and will include the passcode to redeem 6 (or 4) tickets that can used at any 2014/15 Single Carrot production.

Reservations for specific performances are encouraged but not required. Sound good?

There are now 2 Productions left in the 2014/2015 Season.

Utopia Parkway
By Charles Mee

Preview Performances Wednesday 3/25/15 and Thursday 3/26/15
Running 3/27-4/26

After a woman is rescued from a robbery, she promises her daughter’s hand to her savior in return. The young woman’s fairytale becomes anything but in this musically entrancing take on an old Chinese tale of innocence lost. With a boisterous chorus and a backdrop of a diverse and bustling Queens, New York; Charles Mee brings to life a beautifully lyricized story of bargaining and betrayal.



Blind From Here
By Single Carrot Theatre Ensemble Member Alix Fenhagen

Preview Performances Wednesday 6/3/15 and Thursday 6/4/15
Running 6/5- 6/28
A small-town band sets off across the country for the gig of a lifetime.  This indie-rock odyssey comes to a crashing halt, bringing their lead singer face to face with her lack of control and robbing her of her vision. Live music, sibling rivalry, young love, and the open road set the scene for this existential exploration of coming of age in broken vans and cheap motels.

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