Truth or Dare: An Electronic Eleganza and Cocktail Competition 

2021 Virtual Gala!

Friday, May 7th @ 7pm!
Join the Carrots in a good ole’ fashioned game of Truth or Dare! You’ll witness the Single Carrot Theatre ensemble take on the spiciest dares, and get a peek into the theatre company’s juiciest truths. All while learning how to make craft cocktails by some of Baltimore’s best artisanal mixologists! Join us in a silly and joyful evening hosted by two of our favorite local performers, weigh in on the competition, and get ready to laugh!
Gala Packages Include:
  • Dare Package- Watch your heart out! Join Single Carrot in an evening of fun, cocktails, and a bit of mayhem from the comfort of our screens!
  • Double Dare Package (Per Pair) – Plus the Fixins’! Everything the Dare includes, plus a basket of Baltimore snacks, surprises, and all the mixers and garnishes needed to participate in the cocktail competition from home! All you need is the booze 🙂
  • Triple Dog Dare Package (Per Pair) – The Whole Shebang! The whole Double Dare plus all the booze! Everything you could need to join the cocktail competition – plus a little more 😉  SOLD OUT