we broke up.

by DJ Hills

Due to Governor Hogan’s stay-at-home order, we are postponing our production of we broke up. – originally scheduled to open April 17. Safety and stopping the spread of this virus are of utmost importance to us right now. We look forward to bringing we broke up. to you at a future date when the cast and crew is able to be physically present with one another.

Watch this page for updates!

How do you create community in the time of social distancing? How do you process grief in a digital world?

Everyone’s favorite vlogging couple just broke up, and they’re here–streaming live–to tell you all about it. In a climate of social distancing, this play, created for digital performance, explores the world of social-media celebrities and challenges our addictive consumption of the private lives of strangers, revealing that the distance between genuine vulnerability and performative pain is far greater than the inches between one’s face and their computer screen.

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