Single Carrot needs your help to raise $55,000 by July 31st.

Last year we celebrated ten years of Single Carrot artists, educators, and collaborators in Baltimore. We reached this incredible milestone because of the love, support, and hard work of so many people. After the success of our tenth season and Promenade: Baltimore, we ended the year in financially healthy place and knew we needed to face down an issue that plagues nonprofits across the country: providing a living wage.

We needed to create a sustainable model that would allow us to continue fulfilling our mission for years to come. We made a commitment to fairly compensate the people who make the work possible: artists, administrators, and educators. It was a risk for an organization of our size, but we needed to break the cycle of over-working, under-paying, and high turnover to ensure our stability into the future.

We took this risk, setting ambitious goals with the aim of bringing our payscale up to nonprofit industry standards. But those ambitious goals unexpectedly became impossible ones.

In past years, we have off-set one of our biggest costs – our space – by sharing it with other nonprofit tenants. We’ve been lucky to see many incredible organizations take up residence with us before moving on to new, greener pastures. This fall, when our friends at the Baltimore Improv Group outgrew our space and mo ved on to their amazing new home, we found ourselves – for the first time – unable to replace their partnership with a new resident group. As a result, our fundraising goal for the year doubled overnight.

At the same time, staffing turnover in several positions underscored the very issue we were trying to address this year: even with the increases we made, we couldn’t offer a reasonable or competitive salary to quickly attract replacements. Positions remained vacant; departments were undersupported.

A year that was meant to be the first step in our journey to becoming sustainable in the long-term instead became about triaging a dire funding gap. Our original development goal for the year is one we’ve almost met – thanks in no small part to a generous matching grant from the Angell Foundation. With your help, we have raised the funds to receive that match; however, even that won’t be enough. 

As we near the end our fiscal year on July 31, we are facing a critical shortfall that may mean the end of Single Carrot.

If the work Single Carrot has done in the last ten years meant something to you, now is the time that we need you. If you think there is a place in this city for midsized arts organizations, now is the time to act.

The future of Single Carrot is quite literally in your hands.

We have learned lessons this year, and our commitment to fair wage compensation remains strong. But before we can begin the process of restructuring our payscale and creating a sustainable model, we need to your help to get out of danger.

We have loved every moment of serving this city as theatre-makers, educators, and collaborators. Please help us continue to do so.

The Single Carrot Theatre ensemble is a driving force for theatrical innovation in Baltimore—championing new, diverse, and socially significant works; reinvigorating the classics; creating vibrant theatrical experiences; and fiercely supporting the growth of young artists.


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