We are in residence at St. John’s Church in The Village at Greenmount and Old York Road.
Single Carrot Theatre
3001  Old York Road
Baltimore, MD 21218

Single Carrot is Committed to Becoming an Actively Anti-Racist Organization

As a white led organization, Single Carrot Theatre acknowledges the myriad ways it has historically and continues to uphold white supremacy, some of which we have learned and others that we do not yet see. We acknowledge how our organization fits within the non-profit and arts sectors that uphold white supremacy. We have committed long term to the work of transforming our organization to dismantle systems of oppression and all the ways they manifest within our organization.

Single Carrot Theatre is working to dismantle white supremacy by following the demands of We See You White American Theatre, a collective of BIPOC artists calling out white supremacy in the theatre industry and demanding change. You can learn more about them www.weseeyouwat.com


Single Carrot Theatre
3001 Old York Road
Baltimore, MD 21218
(443) 844-9253